Welcome to International Trophy Outfitters.com,

Here at International Trophy Outfitters LLC, is a team of Outdoor enthusiasts. With a combine 48 years of booking "World Class" Hunting and Fishing adventures, coupled with a passion for Big Game Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping, we know what it takes to exceed our clients need for the Best! We have Hunted and Fished in many locations in North America, Africa, New Zealand, The Caribbean, Atlantic, and Pacific Ocean.

We offer "World Class" Hunting and Fishing Adventures, with professional hunting and fishing guides. We only offer these adventures, when one of us, or our Pro Staff have already experienced first hand, the services our lodges and outfitters provide. This allows us to show our clients first hand, the excellent opportunities, success, and to ensure you will have a quality adventure!

Our business philosophy is built on truthfullness, integrity, and honesty, and is truly the foundation of how we interact with each client. We are big enough to serve you, and small enough to exceed your expectations. Let's get started on booking your next Hunting or Fishing adventure today!

  • Sincerely,
  • Frank Smith,
  • Bill Truman,
  • Frank Smith V,
  • and all our pro staff
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Left: Frank Smith IV Center: Frank Smith V Right: Bill Truman